Mar 03

‘Shady Path’: a New Dogs-Off-Leash Feature

A newly extended ‘Shady Path’ parallel to Wangari Maathai Track now helps walkers/runners and dog-owners to co-exist.

A number of voiced concerns by dog-shy walkers and runners has led FKF to devise a win-win solution in the northern sector of Karura Forest.

Dogs Off-Leash

Dogs Off-Leash areas in northern Karura Forest

The popular stretch of Wangari Maathai Track between Gate-C (a.k.a. ‘Sharks’) on Kiambu Road and junction 30 is now a dogs ON-leash zone.

Dog owners, who wish to have their dogs off-leash as they start their walk from the Gate-C parking area, are required to use the new Shady Path spur that now extends two kilometers from the parking area all the way to to junction 30 (see map, red dashed line).

Trail bikers will be excited to explore the new stretch of path that skirts the indigenous forests stand of the Karura River valley.

Dog owners, please continue to exercise voice control over your off-leash pets: keep them on the path, don’t let them run into the forest to chase wildlife or stray back onto Wangari Maathai Track.

Even on the Shady Path, if you do meet fellow visitors who seem nervous about dogs, put your pets back on-leash until you are all clear of one another.

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