Friends of Karura Forest

The Friends of Karura Community Forest Association

The Friends of Karura Forest (FKF) is a Community Forest Association (CFA) founded in October 2009. A CFA is a mechanism established by the Forest Act of 2005 ( sections 46 and 47, Forest Rules 41 and 42) to support the Kenya Forest Service in its mission to protect, manage and enhance Kenya’s forest resources.

Under the terms of a Joint Forest Management Agreement with the Kenya Forest Service, FKF is a full partner in the management and conservation of Karura Forest Reserve. The far-reaching and forward-looking Agreement is a major milestone for stakeholder citizen involvement in joint-stewardship with government of an important national resource. The terms of the Agreement cover such areas as security (electric fence, manned gates and associated infrastructure), conservation (reforestation, resource management, controlled access), and eco-friendly activities in support of conservation, education, science and recreation; as well as shared financial accountancy for all joint activities. Basically, the agreement enshrines the principles of cooperation that have hallmarked the phenomenal re-emergence of Karura as a protected national heritage since 2009, when the FKF was chartered as a Community Forest Association.

FKF’s ever-expanding membership allows the association to:

  • protect the forest
  • provide access to people living around the forest and to the public at large
  • restore the forest to its natural state providing ecosystem services for all
  • provide employment people from less privileged communities neighbouring the forest

For further enquiries, please contact:

Mobile: + 254 (0) 722 891 654 or +254 (0) 739 262 092


Friends of Karura Forest


Annual Pass Fees

Join the Friends of Karura

Join the Friends of Karura Community Forest Association Membership is open to all people, organizations and corporations who support the FKF mission to protect, manage and enhance the Karura Forest Reserve. Members enjoy reduced Annual Pass fees: click here to view rates. Here are the membership categories… Membership Categories Founder Members By invitation of the …

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FKF Partners

Karura’s Corporate and Organisational Partners The amazing transformation of Karura Forest since 2009 has been in large part due to the generous support from some fifty Kenyan-based corporations and their executives and staff, along with a number of environmentally-concerned organisation and individuals, providing both cash and in-kind donations. The Friends of Karura Forest and the Kenya …

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Community Support

FKF support to the greater Nairobi community is more than providing a monthly average of some 6,000 paying visitors safe, secure and serene access to the forest through, for example, construction of the electric perimeter fence… FKF is also directly helping the the surrounding communities, in particular the Huruma and Deep Sea informal settlements that …

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FKF Scouts

Who’s Who

The Friends of Karura Forest Community Forest Association The Friends of Karura Forest is a Community Forest Association is comprised of volunteer professional Kenyans and residents committed to environmental protection and sustainable use of Kenya’s natural resources. FKF/CFA is registered under the Society’s Act of Kenya and is guided and run by an Executive Board …

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ICRAF visit

KFEET – Karura Forest Environmental Education Trust

The Karura Forest Environmental Education Trust — KFEET — was established in 2010 to promote environmental education and provide a centre for learning about forest ecosystems. Following discussions with FKF Patron, Alice Macaire, about the need for an education centre, Shell-BP agreed to convert its venerable Sports Club into a centre for learning, whilst at …

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