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Urgent Needs

Urgent Needs

The Friends of Karura Forest Community Forest Association has made a great deal of progress in raising funds from generous donors (see Our Partners) to ensure that the forest is secure and safe for visitors. But there is still much work to be done in the forest to augment and maintain the security and amenity infrastructure, as well as to ensure the forest’s long term conservation through increased knowledge and awareness.

Individual and corporate donors are invited to scan the ‘wish list’ below of urgent needs to be filled.  The list provides a selection of  fine opportunities to demonstrate proactive Corporate Social Responsibility towards Nairobi and its environment.

Infrastructure & Maintenance

Security Fence

To maintain the electric perimeter fence.

Recurrent: KES 1.2 million per annum

VHF Radios for Scouts

To improve security and rapid emergency reponse by providing instant comms between FKF scouts, the FKF Field Manager and the KFS ranger force.

Total: KES 3,000,000


Forest infrastructure

To ensure safety of vistor access though maining tracks, trails, signs, bridges, safety railings, etc.

Recurrent: KES 300,000 per month, KES 3,600,000 per annum

Footbridge over Limuru Road

To link the main forest with the Sigiria salient and enable safe crossing of Limuru Road from one section of the forest to the other for visitor and Sykes monkeys.

Total: KES 20 million

FKF Headquarters building

To provide adequate office, meeting and equipment storage for the FKF operational team at the Limuru Road gate.

Total: approx KES 15 million

Kenya Forest Service Rangers Accommodations

To provide alternative housing for 17 KFS Rangers in order to move the ‘ranger village’ currently sited in the middle of the forest to the KFS headquarters area.

Total: approx KES 10 million


Double-cabin Pick-up 

To improve security in the forest by augmenting rapid response and security personnel deployment.  Motorcar industry donation most welcome.

Total: KES 2,500,000


Benches and Picnic Sites

To provide simple benches for visitors, plus picnic tables.

Total: KES 610,000


Environment & Forestry

Indigenous Trees Species

To help reach the long-term goal of clearing 100 ha of invasive and exotic plantaition species, replanting with indigenous species and maintaining for 4 years.

Total: KES 300,000 per hectare


Scientific Inventories

To include inventories of bird species, vegetation (esp. rare and endemic plants), insects, reptiles and mammals.

Total: KES 3,500,000

Bridge for Sykes Monkeys

To erect exculsive monkey bridges over over the Limuru Road to prevent the frequent roadkills.

Total: KES 300,000 each