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Opening hours: 06:00 AM to 18:00 PM

All proceeds go to forest security, improvement and maintenance. All prices in Kenya shillings.

Forest Entrance Fees:


Entry fees






(NB: ‘RESIDENTS’ are defined as non-citizen persons living in Kenya only. Proof of Kenya residency is required.)



Parking Fees




Accompanying FKF Guide 300/= per 2 hours

Collect Guides and pay for their services at Limuru Gate or the KFEET Centre.

Please ensure you get a receipt of payment.


Picnics on one of the five designated picnic sites — near the KFEET Centre, adjacent to Amani Garden, at the Ruaka Swamp, in Sigiria near the Obstacle Course, and in Karura Gardens on Kiambu Road — must be pre-arranged and booked through the KFEET office. Note that a picnic is defined as a small (not more than 25 persons max) packed-snack affair for family and friends, and must neither involve catering nor erecting temporary structures such as tents (see Events, below).

The picnic fee per person shall be as follows :

Adult                    150/=
Child (under 12)  100/=

Note that the picnic fees include NEITHER forest Entry NOR Parking fees. These should be paid separately (see below).

Please note that there is no picnicking whatsoever permitted in any part of the forest apart from the designated areas indicated above.

For further clarification, please note that a ‘picnic’ is NOT a ‘barbecue’. According to the Oxford Dictionary:

Picnic: An occasion when a packed meal is eaten outdoors especially during an outing OR a packed meal eaten outdoors. [Note: No mention of cooking, grilling or roasting.]

Barbecue: A meal or gathering at which meat, fish or any other food is cooked outdoors on a rack or open fire.
[Note: No mention of picnic.]

Bike Hire

Visitors to Karura Forest can now hire a sturdy multi-speed trail bike to use on designated forest trails.

Charges: KES 500/= for two hours extendable.

Contact: James for information & booking, tel. 0734-727257


The 3 ha (7.5 ac) KFEET Centre grounds and the Old Farmhouse area near Amani Garden are ideal for larger functions that require catering and infrastructure such as tents and sound equipment. Events include::

  • Corporate team-building
  • Weddings
  • Charity fund-raising
  • Commercial and promotional events
  • Regular fixtures (sporting, training, etc.)
  • Exhibitions

Charges vary depending on the nature of the event, the number of participants and the amount of catering and support infrastructure required. A maximum of not more than 1,000 participants per day is encouraged to minimise impact on the forest and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Music and sound must be kept to a level that can only be heard within the perimeter of the event area.

Organised events that may be within the forest, include:

  • Walking, running or cycling events
  • Photoshoots and filming sessions

Charges shall be negotiated for each such event. Please also see the FKF filming policy guidelines.

Please enquire for rates and rules: telephone 0739-262092 or via email, rafiki@karurafriends.org

School Parties for over 10 Children

These charges will include provision of accompanying FKF Scout or Guide. Accompanying teaching staff and drivers may enter for free. The standard charge per person (irrespective of nationality) will be as follows:

School children attending category schools :                100/= per child
Parking for private school buses at KFEET Centre :    500/= per vehicle

School children attending Government schools :         50/= per child
Parking for govt. school buses at KFEET Centre:      200/= per vehicle

Annual Passes

Members of Friends of Karura can obtain an Annual Pass from the KFEET Office in the forest or from FKF office at Triad House, 73 Muthaiga Road, Muthaiga Tel: 0722 891654 (Agnes).  Click here to learn how to become a member.

Events & General Enquiries

Contact: 0739 262092 or info@karurafriends.org

John Chege, Chief Scout: +254 (0) 724 215 423

FKF e-mail



The New Revised Karura Forest Map is now out, showing all tracks, junctions and main forest features. Only 200/=, at main gates, K.F.E.E.T. Centre or administrative office at Triad House, 83 Muthaiga Road, Old Muthaiga.

An illustrated list of main bird species is available F.O.C.

Opening hours: 06:00 AM to 18:00 PM

Friends of Karura Forest
Community Forest Association
PO Box 63402-00619
83 Triad House
Limuru Road
Muthaiga, Nairobi
General Enquiries: +254 (0) 722 891 654