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The Friends of Karura Forest Community Forest Association is busy in the forest 24/7 keeping watch and working hand-in-hand with the Kenya Forest Service to ensure there is a balance between a successfully recovering ecosystem and a public amenity providing ecosystem service for all. Here are some of the stories of how it is happening.


Karura Forest Reserve is an in a state of rapid change and recovery, from a colonial woodlot to feed the Uganda Railway, to a rejuvenating upland forest that is once again providing ecosystem services for all Kenyans and their overseas visitors. Here you can browse through many of todays events and achievements.

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Bridge over Githaturu

Security & Safety

Security of Karura Forest and safety of its visitors are of primary concern to the Friends of Karura Forest. Security covers a wide range of issues — entry control, electric fence management, infrastructure safety, traffic management, land-grabbing, dog control, fire contingency, to name a few. FKF staff as well as board members and other volunteers …

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Parking Lot Improvement

Development & Infrastructure

Keeping over 50 km of tracks and trails clear of Lantana and broken trees, collecting litter and emptying some 30 litter bins (including specially-designed monkey-proof ones), repairing infrastructure and roads, keeping the electric fence clear of weeds, patrolling to ensure the safety of visitors  — those are just some of the routine tasks that Friends …

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Wangari Maathai

Nobel Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai, FKF Patron, died on 25 September 2011 after a struggle with cancer as courageous as the rest of her life. Kenya and the world lost a great leader for the people and the environment. Wangari, founder of the GreenBelt Movement and UNEP’s Million Tree campaign, shed her blood in the Karura …

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