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Security & Safety

Bridge over GithaturuSecurity of Karura Forest and safety of its visitors are of primary concern to the Friends of Karura Forest. Security covers a wide range of issues — entry control, electric fence management, infrastructure safety, traffic management, dog control, fire contingency, to name a few. FKF staff as well as board members and other volunteers are active 24/7 to make sure all bases are covered. Please help us out with your vigilance and cooperation.

Hyenas, Stray Dogs, Begone!

There has been much ado in Karura Forest recently over dogs and their relatives. First a hyena was spotted on Kitisuru road in mid-February, and a week later actually seen in the Sigiria block.  We tried to trap it using a Kenya Wildlife Service lion trap baited with offal, but other nocturnal animals kept springing the trap. A large …

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