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Development & Infrastructure

Parking Lot ImprovementKeeping over 50 km of tracks and trails clear of Lantana and broken trees, collecting litter and emptying some 30 litter bins (including specially-designed monkey-proof ones), repairing infrastructure and roads, keeping the electric fence clear of weeds, patrolling to ensure the safety of visitors  — those are just some of the routine tasks that Friends of Karura Forest Community Forest Association staff carry out 365 days of the year. Some 50 people are permanently employed to keep the forest in good shape for visitors.

Shady Path for Dogs

A Shady Solution: Dogs Off-Leash

The newly extended ‘Shady Path’ parallel to Wangari Maathai Track now helps walkers/runners and dog-owners to better co-exist.  Repeatedly-voiced concerns by dog-shy walkers and runners has led FKF to devise a win-win solution in the northern sector of Karura Forest. The popular stretch of Wangari Maathai Track between Gate-C (a.k.a. Sharks) on Kiambu Road and …

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Sigiria Picnic Site

New at Sigiria: Picnic Site, Re-opened Obstacle Course

By popular demand, FKF has created a new picnic site near Gate-F, the Sigiria entrance to the forest, making further use of the Samsung-supported picnic tables. The new site is next to the Obstacle Course at the Thigiri Lane entrance. It offers a completely different feel from the Amani and Ruaka picnic areas in the …

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Amani Garden Borehole: Bad News, Good News

Why has Amani Garden picnic and event site stayed so green even during the prolonged dry period? Answer: because of its historic borehole. But the borehole failed in early October leaving the site without water. The good news is that Davis & Shirtliff Ltd, one of Kenya’s top water and energy companies, came to the …

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New Fence Alignment

Fence Realignment, Forest Land Regained

A realignment of a northern section of the Karura Forest Reserve boundary fence has regained nearly six hectares of rolling forest land and given access to a beautiful waterfall on the Ruaka River. When the Friends of Karura Community Forest Association was formed in 2009, the first job was to secure the perimeter by raising …

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Ground-breaking at Limuru Gate

New Offices Under Construction

The ground is being prepared to construct a consolidated office block to house the Karura Forester and FKF Staff. Limuru Road Gate A parking will be reduced for a while. The project is part of a long-term plan for improving efficiency of operations by having the Kenya Forest Service Karura Chief Forester, his or her …

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