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Development & Infrastructure

Parking Lot ImprovementKeeping over 50 km of tracks and trails clear of Lantana and broken trees, collecting litter and emptying some 30 litter bins (including specially-designed monkey-proof ones), repairing infrastructure and roads, keeping the electric fence clear of weeds, patrolling to ensure the safety of visitors  — those are just some of the routine tasks that Friends of Karura Forest Community Forest Association staff carry out 365 days of the year. Some 50 people are permanently employed to keep the forest in good shape for visitors.

Ground-breaking at Limuru Gate

New Offices Under Construction

The ground is being prepared to construct a consolidated office block to house the Karura Forester and FKF Staff. Limuru Road Gate A parking will be reduced for a while. The project is part of a long-term plan for improving efficiency of operations by having the Kenya Forest Service Karura Chief Forester, his or her …

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