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African crowned eagle

A magnificent African crowned eagle carries off an unfortunate suni antelope

Colobus monkey pair

A pair of recently re-introduced colobus monkeys relaxing

Karura Forest Reserve is an in a state of rapid change and recovery, from a colonial woodlot to feed the Uganda Railway, to a rejuvenating upland forest that is once again providing ecosystem services for all Kenyans and their overseas visitors. Here you can browse through many of todays events and achievements.

African Palm Civet

New Mammal in Karura

Newsflash! New Karura mammal species captured by one of the FKF KaruraKams. On the night of 16 August, at 20:23 PM, one of the FKF KaruraKam camera traps ‘caught’ a first for Karura Forest: an African Palm Civet (a.k.a Two-spotted Civet, Nandinia binotata arborea). In Karura Forest, this interesting little mammal finds itself at the …

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Some Rain, But Overall Deficit

It started raining in Karura on 11 October after a prolonged dry period. Those lucky enough to be in the vicinity of the forest could smell the petrichor.  What’s that, you ask? Petrichor is the strange and wonderful odour that emanates from newly-wetted soil. The singular smell is comprised mainly of geosmin, a complex organic …

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Plastic Free Karura

Cabinet Secretary,  Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Dr. Judi Wakhungu, visited Karura Forest in 19 September to see for herself the impact of Kenya’s total ban on non-disposable plastic bags. In support of the Government’s ban on plastic bags, fed up with collecting hundreds of plastic bottles thrown away by careless visitors each …

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Clearing Burning

Indigenous Tree Cover Up To 40%

When FKF started work in Karura Forest, the indigenous tree cover was 25%. The rest was degraded plantations of exotic species. Concerted efforts by FKF and KFS since 2009 have made significant progress in returning Karura to its natural upland forest state, with today near 40% of the forest replanted or naturally recovering, like this …

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Plastic Bags Banned in Kenya

A total ban on super-market type plastic bags  has been introduced by Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Dr. Judi Wakhungu, just weeks after FKF posted this shame-the-litterer post on Facebook. Nearly 80,000 Kenyans were reached and were angry. Targeting the increasing number of university students visiting the forest during a university strike, the FKF Facebook …

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Major Donation from Samsung to Karura

In partnership MOU signing ceremony with the Friends of Karura Forest, Samsung Electronics E.A. CEO, Mr. Jung Hyun Park, a frequent walker in Karura Forest, pledged a donation of 10,000 indigenous trees and local construction of 200 benches and picnic tables. Samsung has partnered with FKF and Kenya Forest Service unveiling a tree-planting plan over the …

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Colobus Project Success

The translocation of an endangered sub-species of Colobus Monkeys successfully came to a close in March 2016 with the release of the last batch of seven black-and-whites in the Sigiria side of Karura Forest, including one babe-in-arms. As of March 2017, 16 new Colobus monkeys have arrived in Karura: not imports, but babies conceived in the forest since …

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