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Major Donation from Samsung to Karura

KFS, FKF and Samsung

John Orwa, Karura Chief Forester; Chantal Mariotte, Katherine Kariuki, Cristina Boelcke-Croze, FKF Board; Mr. Jung Hyun Park of Samsung; Karanja Njoroge, FKF Chairman

In partnership MOU signing ceremony with the Friends of Karura Forest, Samsung Electronics E.A. CEO, Mr. Jung Hyun Park, a frequent walker in Karura Forest, pledged a donation of 10,000 indigenous trees and local construction of 200 benches and picnic tables.

Samsung has partnered with FKF and Kenya Forest Service unveiling a tree-planting plan over the next two years in an effort to boost the country’s forest cover to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources’ target of 10% by 2020. The ministry revealed in a recent report that Kenya’s forests have already reached 7% in early 2017.


MoU signing; Ms Stella Kariuki of Samsung looks on

Speaking during the signing of the MoU at Amani Event Site in Karura, Samsung Electronics East Africa’s Vice President and Managing Director, Mr. Jung Hyun Park said the firm was excited to participate in making a positive impact on the environment as there is need to reverse the challenges brought about by global warming such as persistent drought.

“Taking care of environment is a core pillar in our corporate social responsibility programme where we are committed to prosperity of human lives and conservation of the environment as well as taking care of the planet for the future generations. We are passionate about this collaboration with FKF to improve the face of Karura Forest by planting trees and installing benches for people to use when they visit the forest for their leisure activities”, Mr. Park noted.

Friends of Karura Chairman Karanja Njoroge applauded Samsung’s environmental support noting that the initiative will go a long way to improve air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants that are occasioned by deforestation and other human activities.

“This partnership will create job opportunities for communities around the forest as they will be engaged in clearing bushes and invasive weeds, digging holes and watering of seedlings,” Njoroge noted.

Samsung-KE is one of the very few international corporation local branches that has supported Karura. Virtually all donations to the Friends of Karura have come from Kenyan corporates and individuals.